Sip or Strip


2 or More


All you need is a coin and a drink for this game. All players sit around a table in a circle. Each turn the coin is passed from left to right based on the guess.

Each turn consists of someone flipping a coin and calling whether it will land on heads of tails. If guessed correctly, the coin is passed to the person to your right. If it’s guessed incorrectly that person must down their drink or take off an article of clothing and pass the coin to the left.

If the player guesses correctly they then get the option of flipping a second time and if successful the caller may now either pass the coin to whomever they choose or flip a third time. If the player guesses correctly a third time in a row they may put one item of clothing back on and select someone else in the circle to take an item off. (They cannot choose what item of clothes to remove)