Pizza King


2 or More


Take a large pizza box and rip the lid off. All players sit around the pizza box, you will need a coin and a pen.

A player starts by flipping the coin into the pizza box, when the coin lands that player draws an outline of the coin and writes their name inside. The coin gets passed onto the next player and continues round the circle of players. If the coin lands inside one of the circles already drawn with a players name on it, that player must take a drink. Every time the coin lands on a free space on the pizza box that player must draw around it and enter their name. This continues until there is no space left.

The third time a player has to write down their name, this is a “Down” circle. If the coin lands in it, that player named has to finish their drink.

Once the board is full, everyone counts the number of circles they have. The person with the most has to take a shot.

Make a judgement call, only one person each flip should be drinking. If the majority of the coin is on one person’s name they must drink no one else.