2 Teams, 2 or More


Take four shot glasses and line them up in a vertical line on a table. Fill these glasses with alcohol and make the closest shots weaker or nicer tasting shots.

Create two teams and decide who is up first. The first player places the coin over the edge of the table and flicks the underside of the coin trying to land the coin in one of the glasses. (This is like batting in baseball) If that person lands the coin in one of the glasses a member of the other team must do the shot, then it moves onto another player in the team. If that player misses 3 times in a row they are out. (Three strikes and you are out) Once all players on the team have striked out or if they have got the coin in all the shot glasses, the teams swap places.

Once both teams have batted 3 times each you count the scores and whoever got the coin into the shot glasses the most wins. The losing team must finish their drinks.